Can we wear shoes or socks to jump on a trampoline?2017-09-26T20:47:38+10:00

For your own safety, we strongly recommend that you should take your shoes off while jumping on a trampoline as it might cause an injury to your foot; however socks are fine to wear.

Can I set up my trampoline on uneven ground?2017-09-26T19:28:11+10:00

Our trampolines are only designed to be set up on level ground and please also avoid too hard surfaces like concrete or tarmac.

Is there any age limit to use a SPARK trampoline?2019-10-16T22:35:03+10:00

No, there is no age limit. But it is recommended to supervise your children while they’re using the trampoline. Take extra care with younger children as they are more prone to serious injury.

Can I leave my trampoline outdoor under exposed area?2017-09-26T19:27:28+10:00

It is recommended that it is best to position your trampoline in a shaded area as your trampoline might get unexpectedly hot when exposed under the sun for a long period of time. Always check all parts of the trampoline for excessive temperature before use.

How long does it take to install my trampoline?2017-09-26T19:27:05+10:00

It normally takes about an hour or two for first time assembly. We strongly recommend 2 or more people to help with the installation as some parts might be extremely heavy. If you are confused about the installation, please do not continue and give us a call at 1300-782-661 or watch our online installation videos on our website.

How long can my trampoline last?2017-09-26T19:26:45+10:00

Your trampoline can last for many years if you keep your trampoline in the best condition. Always keep your trampoline in the shade from exposure can prolong the life of your trampoline, safety pad and jumping mat. If your trampoline is placing in an exposed area, you can use our trampoline tent to cover it up from the sun and also can help protect your trampoline from rusting.

Is it OK to jump on the trampoline if it’s raining?2017-09-26T19:26:17+10:00

Please do not use the trampoline when it’s wet or raining as it might be slippery and dangerous too if there is thunder and lighting.

Can I ask someone to come over and install my trampoline?2017-09-26T19:25:49+10:00

Yes, however we only offer our installation services in Brisbane areas. For more information, please visit our website or call us at 1300-782-661.

What if my trampoline parts were worn or destroyed. Can I buy just the parts?2017-09-26T19:25:04+10:00

Yes definitely, we offer a full complement of replacement parts available for purchase. SPARK Trampolines customers can buy our trampoline spare parts for HALF PRICE for life.

How many people are allowed to jump on a SPARK trampoline at a same time?2017-09-26T19:24:43+10:00

There is only one person is allowed to jump on a trampoline at all times.

What are the weight limits on a SPARK trampoline?2017-09-26T19:24:13+10:00

The weight limit for all trampolines is 150KG (except for 8FT trampoline with weight limit 120KG). Please do not use our trampolines if you exceed weight limit as it might result in a serious injury.

Does SPARK trampoline require any cleaning?2017-09-26T19:23:46+10:00

Yes, we recommend our customers to clean their trampoline regularly to ensure their trampoline is safe to use and remember to clean your jump mat every time before use to make sure nothing is on it.

What is in a SPARK trampoline original box?2017-09-26T19:23:18+10:00

A SPARK trampoline original box comes with Frame Tubes, Frame Joiners, Support Legs, Lower Poles, Middle Poles, Cross Upper Poles, Jump Mat, Springs, Safety Net, Safety Pad and a spring tool. It is important to check the SPARK check list in your installation manual before you start installing your trampoline.

Will I be able to get a refund if I have changed my mind after a purchase?2017-09-26T19:22:21+10:00

You can only get refund if your order hasn’t been processed and dispatched.

If I order a trampoline online, how long will it take for me to receive it?2017-09-26T19:21:05+10:00

It will depend on where you live in Australia. Once your order has been confirmed, your trampoline will be shipped to you in no time. For delivery times, please look at the following table:

Please note that the delivery time will be much longer during the Christmas season.

How do I know which size my trampoline is best for my family?2017-09-26T19:20:35+10:00

To know which size is the best for your family, firstly you need to know is ‘Will it fit in your backyard?’ because there is no reason getting a trampoline which is too big and cannot fit. Secondly you need to know what your budget can afford before you purchase.

Please be advised that more space will be needed if you wish to purchase other accessories. For more information, please call (+61) 1 300-782-661.

Where can I buy a SPARK trampoline?2017-09-26T19:20:04+10:00

You can buy our trampolines on our official website www.sparktrampolines.com.au or from our friendly retailers (please click here to see the list of our retailers).

Can I extend my warranty?2017-09-26T19:18:59+10:00

Yes. You can extend both our 2-year-warranty and 1-year-warranty to 3 years. Please contact us if you wish to extend your warranty.

How long is the warranty on my SPARK Trampoline?2017-09-26T19:17:40+10:00

SPARK Trampolines offers our customers a 5-year-warranty on their trampoline frame, 2-year-warranty on their plastic parts and jump mat, and 1-year-warranty on safety net.

What is the difference between a SPARK trampoline and a traditional trampoline?2017-09-26T19:15:36+10:00

The SPARK has innovative lattice structure with curved safety poles and support legs, which makes it so different from the others. Also SPARK is well designed to protect you and your family by introducing plenty of safety features, not only in the areas you can touch and see, also places you don’t even notice. The SPARK has a system with cross-joint safety poles and “V” support legs and also high strength galvanized steel tubes. All of these make SPARK trampoline different from the others.