Anchor Set


The SPARK Anchor Set secures your trampoline in strong winds and storms. The smart “U” clamp and spiral design are much stronger than normal anchors, and will keep your trampoline firmly grounded. It is easy to use, and perfect fit to your SPARK trampoline.

Key Features

Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline

Better Secure

 The SPARK Anchor Set is strapless, and made of high tensile galvanised steel. Four pairs of wide “U” clamps and smart spiral hooks will secure your trampoline in all conditions for years.

Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline

Easy to use

 The simple “U” plate clamp and spiral design and “U” hook make attachment with SPARK trampoline easier and quicker. Just put on the hook and twist the hoop to secure your trampoline.

Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline

The Perfect Fit

 The special “U” clamp is perfectly designed to fit with SPARK support leg. It is almost invisible.

Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline

Quality Materials

 The hooks and clamps of Anchor Set are made from high strength steel tubes with galvanised surface finish, which guarantees strong and long-lasting performance.