Your SPARK trampoline is designed tough, from the galvanized steel tubes to the UV protected mat and safety poles. But as with any product installed outdoors, natural accidents, pets or even the kids can cause damage. We are committed to supporting our product so that you will enjoy a long and happy life with your trampoline.


 SPARK trampolines spare parts

SPART trampolines spare parts

Part No.Part NameQuantityQuantityQuantityQuantity
1Cross Upper Poles681012
2Cross Middle Poles681012
3Lower Pole12162024
4Frame Tube681012
5Frame Joiner681012
6Safety Enclosure1111
7Jump Mat1111
9Safety Pad1111
10"V" Support Leg681012

Spare parts  are only available through SPARK Trampolines. For spare parts enquiries, please call Customer Care on 1300 782 661 or send us a message: [email protected]