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More Than A Trampoline

Spark is the first multi-purpose trampoline – a superbly crafted multi-functional fun factory.

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The Strongest Trampoline Frame

Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline

Let your kids have fun on the strongest trampolines with innovative lattice structure.

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Magic and Creative Trampolines

Inspired by Sydney Opera House, the striking design and functionality of Spark will be the center piece of any backyard, and the source of your imagination.

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Specifications & Packaging & Manuals

Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline
Trampolines for sale, Kids Trampoline
H1Height of SPARK Trampoline
H2Height of Safety Net
H3Height of Jump Mat
Ø1Diameter of SPARK Frame
Ø2Diameter of Jump Mat

The recommended minimum clearance space around your Spark trampoline and accessories is at least 1.5m. And more space is required for Swing Sets and Hanging Sets.

Spark SW - 8FT
Max user weight120kg
No. of springs48
Trampoline weight78kg
Box 1 (x1) (L*W*H)125cm * 38cm * 21cm
Box T (x3) (L*W*H)102cm * 44cm * 9cm
Spark SW - 10FT
Max user weight150kg
No. of springs64
Trampoline weight100kg
Box 1 (x1) (L*W*H)126cm * 46cm * 25cm
Box T (x4) (L*W*H)102cm * 44cm * 9cm
Spark SW - 12FT
Max user weight150kg
No. of springs80
Trampoline weight126kg
Box 1 (x1) (L*W*H)126cm * 46cm * 33cm
Box T (x5) (L*W*H)102cm * 44cm * 9cm
Spark SW - 14FT
Max user weight150kg
No. of springs96
Trampoline weight152kg
Box 1 (x1) (L*W*H)126cm * 39cm * 38cm
Box T (x6) (L*W*H)102cm * 44cm * 9cm

Spark SW Serial – Trampoline Installation Manual – English (PDF)


Integration With Unique Accessories

 Spark Trampolines, with Swing Set, Hang Set, Climbing (Monkey) Bar, Basketball Hoop Set, Roof Cover,  provide your family and friends endless fun in your own fun kingdom.

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